How did I even get here

Yes it was another year for me in Capetown for pyconZA. I really dint plan to go for PyconZA this year but I guess it was kinda predestined. From October 3rd to 8th I was enjoying the great company of pythonistas at pyconZA in South Africa.

I talked to my outreachy mentor and decided I should use my outreachy travel allowance to attend pyconZA. I was pretty much inspired my the fact that I had an accepted talk again this year.

I had a couple of annoying flight reschedules, abit of getting sick but finally making it for the fun!!!!!

My happenings

I gave a talk

I had an accepted talk about Python 2 and 3 compatibility that I gave. This talk follows a series of such I will be making so often being the theme for My first Book I am publishing with Apress. The talk was attended by a good number of people.

And yeah participated in the Sprints

I was really waiting for this moment of the conference where I would make some contributions to an open source project. I was able to contribute to a python debugger called Birdseye. I suggested a feature which I in turn implemented with great help from Alex Hall the maintainer of the project.

Ohh I met the pypy team (some of them)

It was also a great experience meeting and chatting with the pypy team. This is a project I have always wanted to contribute to (I have a few merged PRs). I asked Ronan Lamy one of the core developers all the questions I ever had on pypy which he answered to my satisfaction. It was like great joy meeting the people that have reviewed your work in person.

I also discussed my plot on attending the annual pypy sprint next year around February or March with them and I am so really looking forward to it :)

My Take aways From the Conference

Flavio’s keynote on day one really stood out for me. He was talking about how we can choose the right battles in our work. He talked about how we can handle a crazy schedule something I really wanted to hear. This was my reaction.

There were also some great T’s from Offerzen. Sounds suprising but I rarely appreciate conference T-shirts but was an exception. The color was an improvement, white in this case and with well thought art work of a unicorn :)

I had to get a moment in this T mahn!!!

I made alot of friends talked to very interesting people that I cant mention here because I dont have forever to spend on writing this blog.

Things I failed to do

Hahaha there were also things I failed to. I planned to tour capetown in detail (emphasis on detail) and go to the beach (any one?) but I ended up coding for my whole stay in Capetown :( . Blame it on these sprints and partly the weather though the later not so much.


It was a great conference . I know I said the same thing last year but this year it was exceptional. The talks were really thought out and the people were amazing as usual.