From my last blog post, the java suite is already up with more than 100 tests implemented. Let me get to some details on what has and needs to be implemented.

What has been implemented

This is a summary of the implemented tests a commit summary would sound more elaborate.

  • Tests on Basic object and bucket CRUD.
  • Tests on SSE and KMS.
  • Tests on object put and get with delimeters, prefixes, maxkeys, metadata and markers.
  • Tests on bucket and object put with with the different headers.

What Next

I will have to ensure I have a CLI environment to run the tests as currently I run them in eclipse. I need to make use of Ant to automate the test automation. This has been a battle but hoping to nail it down completely.

I will be implementing tests on AWS auth4. I will get advise and feedback on this on especially what should be tested but will first share my test plan with my mentors.