I have implemented a good number of tests about 150 and planning on Sending a status email to the ceph community for an update but most importantly feedback. I will quickly move to implementing the next test suite in the coming weeks. Let me share a couple of high lights.

Major High Lights

I had alot of discussion with the project mentors regarding Teuthology and SSL support since certain operations in the AWS go SDK require SSL to be enabled. I therefore decided that the tests that require SSL will be skipped in environments where SSL is not enabled.

I also took alot of time setting up an SSL environment to run the tests. Thanks for Marcus’ help as I implemented more tests on bucket ACl, AWSV4, bucket lifecycle configuration and object/bucket headers.I will quickly share a summary of what has been implemend so far.

What has been implemented so far


  • Sign requests and handlers
  • Presign requests and handlers

Basic Bucket Operations

  • Create, Read, Update and Delete of buckets.
  • Bucket Creation with all possible headers

Bucket ACL

Bucket Lifecycle configuration

Basic Object Operations

  • Create, Read, Update and Delete of objects
  • Writing/Reading objects with all possible headers.
  • Getting and setting metadata.
  • Getting objects with delimiters, maxkeys, prefix, markers

    Multipart Uploads


  • Reading and writing objects with server side encryption (SSE) and SSEKMSKeyId.
  • Reading andwriting objects with SSECustomerAlgorithm, SSECustomerKey and SSECustomerKeyMD5.

    Host style

There is a checklist of these tests also prepared to give a summary.

This does not mean I am totally done with this suite. I have just decided to give an update but also asking for feedback.I am inviting for the community to open issues where possible.

Tasks for the next Period

As stated earlier, I am not yet done with this test suite and with that said I will priotize whatever issues will be opened and will work on them according to priority till end of summer.

Like Jay-Z says,Onto the next one. I will move on to starting work on the Java test Suite. I will first communicate a few decisions regarding the stack I will use for feedback and then get in to motion with the rest of the work.