I have implemented a good number of tests about 150 and planning on Sending a status email to the ceph community for an update but most importantly feedback. I will quickly move to implementing the next test suite in the coming weeks. Let me share a couple of high lights.

Major High Lights

I had alot of discussion with the project mentors regarding Teuthology and SSL support since certain operations in the AWS go SDK require SSL to be enabled. I therefore decided that the tests that require SSL will be skipped in environments where SSL is not enabled.

I also took alot of time setting up an SSL environment to run the tests. Thanks for Marcus’ help as I implemented more tests on bucket ACl, AWSV4, bucket lifecycle configuration and object/bucket headers.I will quickly share a summary of what has been implemend so far.

What has been implemented so far


  • Sign requests and handlers
  • Presign requests and handlers

    Basic Bucket Operations

  • Create, Read, Update and Delete of buckets.
  • Bucket Creation with all possible headers

    Bucket ACL

    Bucket Lifecycle configuration

    Basic Object Operations

  • Create, Read, Update and Delete of objects
  • Writing/Reading objects with all possible headers.
  • Getting and setting metadata.
  • Getting objects with delimiters, maxkeys, prefix, markers

    Multipart Uploads


  • Reading and writing objects with server side encryption (SSE) and SSEKMSKeyId.
  • Reading andwriting objects with SSECustomerAlgorithm, SSECustomerKey and SSECustomerKeyMD5.

    Host style

There is a checklist of these tests also prepared to give a summary.

This does not mean I am totally done with this suite. I have just decided to give an update but also asking for feedback.I am inviting for the community to open issues where possible.

Tasks for the next Period

As stated earlier, am not yet done with this test suite and with that said I will priotise whatever issues will be opened and will work on them according to priority till end of summer.

Like Jay-Z says,Onto the next one. I will move on to starting work on Java test Suite. I will first communicate afew decisions regarding the stack I will use for feedback and then get in to motion with the rest of the work.